The importance of air filter to engine

Where is the gap between ordinary air filter and genuine air filter! The engine has very high requirements for air intake and cleanliness of air intake! Therefore, the quality of the air filter is the most important guarantee!

Metal outer mesh


Above is high-quality air filter, below is ordinary air filter
The metal outer mesh above is made of galvanized sheet punching mesh, which is strong and durable.
The following is an ordinary air filter, using ordinary galvanized iron fence net, the quality is average, easy to deform!
It can be seen from the holes that the high-quality air filter folds are more compact, and the more materials used, the better the air intake and the ability to store dust! This is especially important!


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The above is a high-quality filter element, you can clearly see that the filter paper is sufficient; the picture below is a normal air filter, which is obviously loose, and the dust storage capacity and air intake capacity of the same unit are worrying!

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Although the external dimensions of high-quality air filters are smaller than ordinary air filters, the internal filter paper exceeds that of other brand filters. . . If it is the same level of air filter, it is estimated that the gap is even bigger! This ensures sufficient air intake and filtration accuracy!


Looking at the filter paper photos up close, you can see that the yellowish filter paper has obvious rough edges, and some have cracks or even dust. The picture may not be clear, but the scene is very obvious.
The high-quality air filter element has no trace of rottenness, and the filter paper is very tough.
In the tensile test, the ordinary force breaks at about five kilograms, and the high-quality filter element takes eight kilograms to break.


The upper and lower two pictures are high-quality air filter elements. The upper picture shows the contact surface between the outside and the dust, and the lower picture shows the inside. The color difference is large, indicating that the filtration accuracy is quite good!
Although the price of high-quality air filter is high, the quality is guaranteed, the service life is long, and the filtering effect is good. Don’t worry about the early grinding of the engine! The price of ordinary air filter is lower, but it can only be used once, and it has to be changed three or four times a year! The price is not cheap, and the quality is not guaranteed! So how to choose depends on everyone’s ideas!

Post time: Sep-09-2020