Production process of hydraulic oil filter element

The filter element is an indispensable and important element in the filter, and it is the core of the filter. Then the filter element in the filter is made? How is the craftsmanship?

Selection of filter material

First of all, the selection of the filter material. The selection of the filter element of the filter element is the key to determining the filter effect of the filter element. A good filter element can intercept the impurities in the hydraulic oil. As for the selection of filter accuracy, it should be based on the hydraulic pressure in the hydraulic environment. Level requirements.

Choice of end caps

Then there is the choice of the end cap. When we choose the end cap for the filter element, we usually use stamping parts, that is, the 0.8mm galvanized end cap, or the machined aluminum end cap, but some filter elements have a bypass valve. Yes, plastic end caps with bypass valves will be used at this time. The choice of end cap material is also determined by combining various considerations, because the position used is different, the working pressure that can be withstood is also different.

Choice of skeleton

The last step is the selection of the frame. Generally speaking, the material of our frame is carbon steel punching plate in ordinary hydraulic oil. The thickness of the filter element frame is mostly determined according to the pressure that the filter element has to withstand, but sometimes blindly pursue it. In terms of price, some manufacturers choose a thickness of 0.5mm or even 0.3mm in order to retain customers, so that the appearance of the filter element will not change, but the normal pressure capacity of the filter element will be greatly reduced, so this is the case when users buy filter elements Be sure to pay attention. Of course, the selection of the skeleton can also be made of stainless steel, aluminum or plastic according to the different filtering media.

Filter processing

After selecting the filter element structure material, it is the processing of the filter element. The process of the filter element is simple and complex:
In the first step, the filter material is cut according to the size, the frame is determined, and the end cap is equipped.
The second step uses machinery and equipment to fold, trim and seam the filter material;
Finally, the filter material and the frame are fixed together with the end cap. There is also an important material in the middle, which is epoxy resin. The end cap and the joint of the filter material are all fixed by it.


Such a complete filter element is ready. Although the process of the filter element is simple, there are many kinds of filter materials. Therefore, when the user chooses the filter element, the price must be considered, but the quality of the filter element is the key

Post time: Sep-28-2020