Auto caeli filterE497L 0040942404 C411776 AF26165 salsissimus vir vivens aer filter


1. Novum filter paper enim sibi induerit genus environmental ut amplio efficientiae de elementum filter.

2. Quod autem ad efficientiam filtration 99.5% (XCVIII% de balneum genus olei aer filter), et penetrationi rate of 0.1% ad 0.3% non est pulvis.

3. Hardcover structuram, potest installed in partem aliquam, et non angustiamini in layout of vehiculum partes.

4. Potest etiam nisi multum, ut talis materia bombacio bis tincto et sensit metallum materiae. 

5. qualis Maximum et humilis sumptus. Unde pro certo scirem quod coegi can utor.

6 veni sanctificamini aer, cibus redigendum strepitu ac nisi.

  • Price :: : USD $ 28-32 / Mass
  • MOQ :: L pieces
  • Facultates copia :: (V) Song / mense per fragmina
  • Payment :: M / CD / AT / T Occidentis Unionis MoneyGram
  • Portus :: Tianjin Shanghai Guangzhou Ningbo Qingdao
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    Velox Details:

    Place of Origin:Tianjin, China (Mainland)      Brand Name: GHL

    Warranty:1 Years                                           Magnitudine: 404.5mm * 347mm * 223.8mm: 404.5 223.8 * 347mm *

    OE NO.:E497L                                              Type: Aeris filter

    OEM:E497L                                                  Material: Filter Paper

    Color:Original Color                                      Standard species: TOP

    Fac Car: CARRUS

    & Packaging Delivery

    Packaging Details:0040942404 air filter one piece in poly bag to be put in one box, 1 boxes to be packed in one carton, Or as per customer's packing instruction.

    Tempus plumbum: 7-15days



    Aeris E497L filter

    Vices / Fac Car: & OEM No.

    Altera NO.:E497L


    404.5 223.8 * 347mm *

    Catalog I:

    Auto Engine >> >> >> essartis Aeris & automobiles Batavia E497L Aeris filter  

    Catalog II:

    Machinery>>General Industrial Equipment>>Industrial Filtration Equipment>>Air Filter >>  E497L Air filter


    Sparguntur pulpam lignum charta Donec Urethane, Flexilis ferrum etc.



    Notificata locum Number:

    C411776 AF26165 C411776 0040942404 0040942504 0040942504 0040946604

    Guarantee ISBN:



     Vivamus sollicitudin dolor / Auto Engine / Excavator Engine / Industrial Machinery



    1.For remotionem et alia pulveris particulas includunt 2.Adopt excelsum perficientur lignum pulpam filter paper C% 3.100% mechanica Flexilis
    1. In gigas efficientiam XCIX%

    5.High materiae certis signis a primo gradu ad applicationem ejus ad Europae salsissimus vir vivens

    Packaging Details:

    E497L Air filter one piece in poly bag to be put in one box, 1 boxes to be packed in one carton, Or as per customer's packing instruction.


    DETAIL 01

    The filtration efficiency is up to 99.5%(98% of the oil bath type air filter), and the penetration rate of dust is only 0.1% to 0.3%.


    DETAIL 02

    Compact structure, can be installed in any direction, and is not restricted by the layout of vehicle parts.





    DETAIL 03

    Purify air, reduce noise and save fuel.

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