Aluminum Alloy Primary Panel Air Filter

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1.The frame is sturdy and detachable: it is made of sturdy plate aluminum frame with aluminum alloy corner or plastic corner. The structure is firm and stable, ensuring that the filter will not be deformed or damaged under the poor working environment. The outer frame is detachable. Easy to replace the filter material for the purpose of recycling the frame2.Lightweight panel structure, easy to handle and install, high quality polyester synthetic fiber filter material, low initial resistance, good fire resistance3.The filter material is made of high quality polyester synthetic fiber, which can be cleaned and reused for many times, with long service life and fluffy and dense fiber structure, which ensures high dust collecting rate and large dust capacity, and effectively prolongs the service life of the medium effect filter at the back end and reduces the operation cost4.1 inch with flat structure, wire cross, easy to replace, good versatility5.Optional filter rating: G2, G3, G4, F5 (EN779)


1.Initial-effect folding filter for use in clean return air systems2.Pre-filtration of local high efficiency filtration unit4.Central air conditioning and centralized ventilation system pre-filtration in general industrial plants or clean rooms5.The initial effect folding filter is used for pre-filtration of large air compressors.6.Air filter products are widely used in electronic technology, medical and health, biological products, food and beverage, mechanical and electrical engineering equipment, precision instruments, metallurgical chemicals, painting, air conditioning, printing, environmental protection, etc.

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Aluminum frame initial effect chip filter (single-sided large square grid, single-sided wire cross)

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Special size and specifications can be made according to customer requirements



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