Aluminium Frame Deep Pleat HEPA Box Air Filter

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Product Details :Good quality and high performance super fine glass fiber, over-length glass fiber, pp fiber filter paper and so on are used as filter medium and aluminum foil or two-sided offset paper is used as spacer. Many kinds of efficiencies, from medium efficiency (M6~F9),Sub-high efficiency(H10~H12)to high efficiency(H13~H14),are provided to customers for choice. Wide size are available.

Quick Details

Condition:New                                                                                       Efficiency:H13(Customized)

Construction:Box Filter                                                                          Filtration Grade:Hepa Filter

Medium Material:Fiberglass                                                                  Place of Origin:China (Mainland)

Certification:ISO9001:2008, ISO9001:2008                                            Type:Industrial filter

Color:white                                                                                         Part NO.:ID-SF

To Fit:Deep Pleat Box HEPA Filter                                                        Filtering Efficiency Grade:H13(Customized)

Structures:Aluminum or Iron Frame and Cardboard Seperator                Media:Ultra-fine glass fiber

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:carton with plastic bag

We not only produce all kinds of different normal size Separator HEPA filter,but also accept all kinds of customized

size Separator HEPA filter.Please choose what size you want to buy refer to the below table,

Model Dimensions (W×H×D) mm   Filter grade EN 779 Airflow / pressure drop m³/h / Pa(± 15%) Unit volume m³
305x610x150 H13 500/220 0.028
610x610x150 H13 1000/220 0.056
915x610x150 H13 1500/220 0.084
1220x610x150 H13 2000/220 0.112
320x320x220 H13 400/220 0.023
484x484x220 H13 1000/220 0.052
630x630x220 H13 1500/220 0.088
305x610x292 H13 1250/220 0.054
610x610x292 H13 2500/220 0.108
305x610x150 H14 500/220 0.028
610x610x150 H14 1000/220 0.056
915x610x150 H14 1500/220 0.084
1220x610x150 H14 2000/220 0.112
320x320x220 H14 400/220 0.023
484x484x220 H14 1000/220 0.052
630x630x220 H14 1500/220 0.088
305x610x292 H14 1250/220 0.054
610x610x292 H14 2500/220 0.108





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